Are there Truly Legitimate Done for You Turnkey Online Businesses?

Online Turnkey Business that Actually Work

Many of us do not want to bother with creating products, setting up sales funnels, or dealing with technical issues or customer service complaints. Fortunately there are a number of companies that offer completely done for your products,funnels and customer service. You pay the fee for the right to market their products and they hand you the rest, including sending you your commissions of 50 percent or more.

Here are a few that I have personally worked with:

Webcopycat – done for you products, funnels, customer support. You can pay a one time for or a monthly fee, depending on your current budget. They also tell you exactly where to buy ads.


  1. You can try it for $1
  2. All products are done for you
  3. All funnels are done for you and hosted by them
  4. All follow up is done for you but you need your own autoresponder service, which costs you monthly
  5. You get 50 percent commissions on their products


7 Figure Franchise РThis costs a $1,997.00 one time investment but you are given:

    1. Over 100 products that you can sell and make 100 percent commissions on
    2. They have all of the sales funnels done and hosted on their servers for you so you save on hosting
    3. All follow up is done for you (you do not have to pay for an autoresponder service)
    4. They provide all of the marketing materials
    5. There is a ton of training on how to drive traffic for free
    6. They answer questions fast, often within 24 hours Monday – Friday
    7. The owner of the company offers 30 days of screenshot coacing
    8. If you do not make at least $20,000 in your first 6 months they will work with you until you do.
    9. Their high end products pay 50 percent commissions giving you $1000 a sale


Commission from one sale after joining the 7 figure franchise.

Over $2000 in Commissions in just 2 months working part time:






Results not typical. You must be able to follow very simple directions to run the 7 figure business.

I have worked with both companies  and have made money with both. Both have great customer service. Webcopy cat has yielded small consistant commission checks and the 7 figure franchise pays out much bigger ones.

I prefer 7-Figure Franchise because after you pay the franchise fee you are done. You do not need to pay for an autoresponder, or hosting and they teach you how to market online without having to pay for PPC, solo ads or any other advertising. The commissions tend to be bigger as well.


If you are in a cash crunch, start with Webcopycat and then work your way up to the 7 Figure Franchise. If on the other hand, you want to invest in a full on business go for the 7 Figure Franchise.