Traffic Xtractor Review

What is Traffic Xtractor by Art Flair, Declan and Alex?

It is a software program that helps you come up with keywords to rank videos for on Youtube and Google. This is video seo software to help you rank and bank.

Traffic Xtractor Software Gets As Much FREE Traffic As You Want With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse…

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How Does it Work?

  1. You type in keywords you want it to analyze
  2. You then ask it to find out the competition (how many youtube videos are ranked for the keywords already)
  3. You set your parameters. We suggest you tell the software to only find keywords that have 3 or less competing videos.
  4. You make videos for the keywords that it suggests that meet that parameter.
  5. You start ranking videos like crazy.

What are the Pros of Traffic Xtractor?

This works extremely well. I personally own the software and have tested it. I was able to get top rankings in minutes for the majority of the videos I created.

What are the Cons of Traffic Xtractor?

Although you will rank using this software, if you choose to go for keywords with more than 3 competing videos you will still need to know how to optimize your videos.

Traffic Xtractor OTOs
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OTO #2 – Traffic Xtractor Coaching Mastermind
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This flat out works. It has become my go to software for finding easy to rank for keywords with a lot of traffic and very little competition.

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