Products to Sell From Home – Building Your Digital Profit Empire Cheat Sheet

Products to Sell From Home – THE Product Outsourcing CHEATSHEET for Creating Your Own Digital Products

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All The Information Ready For You!


Outsourcing – AKA Getting Others To Create Products for You

*Only Choose Outsourcers with 4-5 star reviews

Fiverr Product Research

Fiverr Sales Funels

Jv Pages

Odesk Sales Funnels and Copyrighting


*Most of these sales funnel creators will require you to have optimize press


Option #2 Do it Yourself or Hand this to Your Outsourcer

Drag and Drop Sales Funnel Creator for WordPress


Lead Gen Reports (free report you give out to get people on your list and to your sales funnel)


You can either hire someone from fiverr or use this awesome cloudbased software to turn your blog posts into gorgeous lead gen reports in under 5 minutes with call to actions and covers


You can also JUST FOR THE FREE REPORT repurpose a PLR report from Plr Assassin. Just hand it to iwriter and have one of their writers rewrite it for you.


Product Research

1)Product Research video

2) Tell your researcher to type into Google your main keyword the plus sign and the word research.


Ex. youtube ranking +research


This will bring up a ton of resources for them to use.


You can also have them do this with Youtube.


Where to sell your products

Product Creation Steps:


  • Hand that ebook to a freelance audio guy to turn it into an audio book for you



Product Covers and Images

Ebook Covers

Physical Product Labels


Autoresponder Setup


Follow Up Series Creation:




Headline Generator

Free headline generator

Free Title Generator


Sales Letters

Sales Letters



Video how to publish on Amazon

Video How to Add Your Book to Kindle

How to research and write a kindle book

Jvzoo Launch Tutorial

Warrior Plus Product Listings

Warrior Plus Sales Funnels


How to Use this Product Outsourcing Cheat Sheet



  • Find all the resources you need right here to hire outsourcers to create your product and the training they need
  • Direct them to some of the videos that have been provided for training where needed



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How to Research Your Book Learn how to research your book idea before you start writing. After all, you want to not only write a book but sell some copies too. Doing a bit of research is necessary to tell if the subject matter is something that others actually want to read about. It will also tell you what exact content to put in the book and how to structure it.

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