What to Look for in an Affiliate Marketing Program

There are many affiliate marketing programs out there, some are good and some are not. So what makes a good affiliate marketing offer?

  • It should include a sales funnel that you get commissions on, if at all possible.
  • It should have a good sales page
  • It should have great tracking so that you know you are getting your commissions
  • It should have some high end offers that you get commissions on
  • It should have fantastic products so that you don’t get commissions removed
  • It should have amazing customer service
  • The owner should have a good reputation

So where do you find these offers?

  • jvzoo
  • warrior plus
  • zaxaa
  • etc…

Should you go for digital or physical products?

99 percent of the time I go for digital offers because they typically pay a much higher commission and there is a chance that they have a funnel that I can get paid on. Some will even pay out 100 percent commissions on front end sales.

Why would they pay out 100 percent commissions?

They are looking to build their list and so they give the affiliate 100% of the upfront money to get the word out and build their lists. They then go on and upsell the customers to a high end coaching program.

Which Affiliate sites do I recommend the most?

Jvzoo and Warrior Plus because they allow you to add the customers that buy through your link to your own autoresponder so you can get them on your list and continue to sell products to them.

What do You Look for When Considering an Affiliate Program?

  1. Is it in your niche? Are the products something that your target market are actually interested in.
  2. What is the price of the product? It will take a long time to make a full time income on a 5 dollar product.
  3. What percentage does it pay? You want at least a 50 percent commission.
  4. Does it have a great sales page? If not you will have to do a lot more preselling. It can still be worth it if the product is excellent and they pay a high commission.
  5. Does it have a sales funnel and do you get paid on upsell and downsell products as well?
  6. Does it have a great product?
  7. Does the company have a good reputation with customer service?

What Next?

If you can say yes to most of these questions then the next thing you should do is actually buy the product. You want to know that the product does what it says. You want to go through the process that they leads you are sending will go through. You also want to reach out to customer service with a question to see how quickly they respond. If this all goes well, proceed to sign up and market the product and start earning your commissions.

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