How to Create Automatic Income Streams

Most people who want to make money online go about it in the wrong way. They choose any product that “looks good” to them and start a promotion. This is the exact wrong way to guarantee profits.

There are two ways that successful affiliate marketers choose products:

  1. They research the products ahead of time to see past selling history.
  2. They look for products and services that have the potential for recurring income or that have several upsells that have the potential to bring in greater revenues.

So where do you find these products and services?

  1. Clickbank
  2. Jvzoo
  3. Warrior Plus
  4. Products or services with their own affiliate programs

When choosing a product on Clickbank you want to:

  • Sign up for a free account
  • look in the marketplace.
  • By the search button at the top is a link called Advanced Search.
  • Click Advanced Search
  • Click on the box that says¬†: and input higher than 30
  • Click on the box that says Average Rebill total and input higher than 10
  • This will give you a list of products that have a proven track record and that pay out residual commissions every month.

  1. Sign up for a free affiliate account
  2. Go to:
  3. Click on the tab called EPC (this is average earnings per click)
  4. Find products with an EPC of at least $1.50
  5. Make a list of these products.
  6. Next look at the refund rate. You want only products with a refund rate of 4 percent or less.
  7. Eliminate any products on your list that have a refund rate higher than 4 percent.
  8. Look at the date that the product was released.
  9. Eliminate any product that was released more than 12 months ago.
  10. Click on the sales page for each product to make sure that it is still active.
  11. Eliminate any product that is not still active.
  12. Go to each potential product and look at the left side and see how many products are in its funnel.
  13. Finally, apply to promote the remaining products on your list.

Warrior Plus

  • Sign up for a free affiliate account.
  • Click on Affiliates
  • Click on Offers
  • Follow the exact same steps as Jvzoo to choose winning products. You will find the number of products in each offer’s funnel on the products tab when you click on the offer.

Private Recurring Offers that Pay Monthly

Every single business on the internet needs certain things:

  1. domains (these pay out recurring yearly)
  2. hosting (these pay out either monthly or yearly
  3. autoresponders (these pay out monthly)

By marketing these products you are guaranteed a recurring income for as long as the customer continues the service. These are excellent products to focus on and one of the secrets to many Mega Affiliates success.

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